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Kasen Xans by MandoGirl22 Kasen Xans by MandoGirl22
Kasen Xans, my Sith Assassin OC...she is from the old republic but not from the game, at least not yet and I do like the armor from the game so I slapped her into a Sith armor.

"Don't complain about my mess unless you want to be a part of it."

Name: Kasen Xans
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 180cm     (5'11")
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Icy blue.
Skin Tone: Fair.

Class: Sith Assassin.

Apparel: Kasen wears the armor that Sith Assassins wear.

Psychical Description: She is an attractive young woman with a slender yet toned build with long curly black hair and icy blue eyes.

Possessions: She carried a lightsaber that had a scarlet blade.

Personality: Kasen is generally regarded as a naturally bright and shrewd woman. She considers the only honorable battles to be those that are fought one-on-one. Even the threat of death is not a reason to ignore this fact, as she believes that the winner is only to be determined when the other dies. Kasen only attacks only when provoked or attacked first. She as a femme fatale attitude.
Regardless of what she is saying she will commonly speak in a cheerful and playful manner, even if she is issuing death threats or insults. Kasen is very protective of her sister and does not allow anyone to threaten her sister’s life, and if someone does Kasen has been known to get very cruel towards them. Nevertheless, Kasen also has somewhat of a laid back and calm personality and likes to smile very often while she talks in a sadistic manner.

Biography: Kasen was born and raised on Dromund Kaas, she was born into a family of Sith assassins that served Vitiate so wheven she talks one can hear her Dromund Kaas accent though she could make her accent come and go as she pleases to better blend in with whatever mission she is on for Darth Avaris.

Kasen Xans did work as a Sith assassin for Vitiate's Empire prior to joining with the Axiom; she had she crossed paths with Darth Avaris sometime during this time when the Darth was going by the alais of little rose. She had then gone to Nogatan when she saw just how many light Sith were in Vitiate's Empire. On Nogatan, she had meet up with little rose who was going by her real name though Kasen reconized her because she didn't change her looks. Kasen swore her allegiance to Rae Nolvi and to the True Empire.

Kasen never stayed on Nogatan any longer than she had to, she felt that it was better if no one knew about her yet so she stayed off-planet receiving orders from Darth Avaris. Though she had received orders to returns to Nogatan so that Darth Avaris can rebuild her power base, so Kasen return to the True Empire to the Kaar's side with news about a certain Royal Guard and her secret that she had kept hidden from the world.

She has a half-sister named Kalea Xans, the Xans sisters share the same father but different mothers and Kalea Xans is an Imperial Sniper.

done for me by :iconsuppa-rider:, it's a quick sketch...and he is not lying when he says it's quick.
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July 23, 2014
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